Lolly's Locks

Lolly’s Locks was formed in loving memory of Lolly Toll, wife and mother-extraordinaire, who lost her 15-month battle with cancer in March 2012. While she was sick, Lolly endured more than 20 chemotherapy treatments and eventually lost her hair.

Lolly never let her cancer or the effects of chemotherapy keep her from living and enjoyingher life. She went out and bought two high-quality wigs that made her look and feel as close to herself as possible, and went on making beautiful memories with all the people that she loved.

 When Lolly and her daughters first went to purchase her wigs, they were stunned to learn that high-quality wigs can cost thousands of dollars. They were even more surprised to find out that insurance typically covers very little, if any, of this cost.

 Lolly, a constant optimist, never forgot to count her blessings, even after she got sick. She often reflected on how lucky she was to have her wigs, which she credited with allowing her to fully participate in the activities she loved without having to feel self-conscious, and making it possible for her to have a sense of normalcy at a time which was anything but. Despite the gravity of her diagnosis, Lolly was sure that she was going to get better, and once she did, she planned to use her time and resources to help less fortunate women battling cancer have access to high-quality wigs.

 In 2012, Lolly’s family founded Lolly’s Locks to carry out the mission of connecting high-quality wigs with cancer patients who could not otherwise afford them.

Sara had the honor and privilege of knowing Lolly personally having worked with her on both of her daughters' wedding.  Her diagnosis hit home and when Sara learned of the plans to form Lolly's Locks, she immediately threw herself behind any initiative they needed help with.  She has planned their annual fundraising event in DC since the first year and is currently working on two events for the non profit in Florida.

Capitol Pride Heros Gala

In support of marriage equality, Sara Muchnick Events joined an outstanding group of vendors to create a wedding package to be auctioned off at the 2014 Annual Capital Pride Heroes Gala.  We look forward to planning with our lucky winners!